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Story Marketing for Christian Schools will help you to:
  • ​Allow your school's brand to emotionally connect with parents who do not know you.
  • ​Build a mass movement of mission appropriate families in your community whose lives you can affect.
  • ​Exponentially increase the number of prospects that will want to visit your campus.
Story Marketing For Christian Schools
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Here is Proof That "Story Marketing For Christian Schools" Has Already Dramatically Increased The Enrollment Growth And Retention of Countless Christian Schools In The Country!

Story Marketing For Christian Schools
Sandy Outlar
Dr. Sandy M. Outlar
Ambassador to Christian Schools, Lancaster Bible College
“With unique expertise and experience, Cochran has written  a book that confirms the tremendous value of telling the stories and getting the word out about the Christian school.  Found within the pages of this book are stimulating stories and practical content that will not only gain the attention of the reader but ultimately benefit the practitioner in reaching the hearts and minds of potential families who are considering a Christian school for their children. It is one of the few books that speaks specifically to how one can advance a given school’s enrollment, by capitalizing on the daily reporting and unfolding of stories that reflect well on an education that is alive, and relevant for today’s society.”
Douglas Wilson
Douglas Wilson
Co-Founder of The Association of Classical Christian Schools, Logos School, and New Saint Andrews College and Minister at Christ Church
“Experienced parents and teachers know that Christian  schools are not knowledge factories. We are in the education business, which is not the same thing as manufacturing. It is not even the same thing as training. Educators have taken on the task of formation—as one writer has expressed it, schools are about formation, not primarily information. This is just another way of saying that education must be pursued as though people mattered.

But that’s as far as it goes, even when a school is a good  school, and this crucial reality is remembered in the administration of the school and the day-to-day instruction  in the classroom. When it comes to marketing that (excellent) school, two kinds of failures are common. Either the school is not marketed at all, or the school defaults to the American factory settings, which means the school is marketed in the same way other products are. Be it butter, cars, books, widgets, or schools, we revert to what someone learned in his business major thirty years ago. But it is a new world, and Ralph Cochran has provided us with a valuable service. He proposes a way of marketing your school as though people mattered, and, as it turns out, this is  consistent with the conviction that results matter also.”
Davies Owens
Davies Owens
Speaker & Host of Basecamp Live Podcast
"How do we cut through today’s noise to help ‘potential  customers’ learn the right questions and choose our school, year after year? How do we guard the ‘back door’ with more effective student retention? The days of mailing out postcards, hosting simple events, and posting a few Facebook updates are long gone.

In an age of sound bites, limited time, and hyper-distracted  parents, Ralph Cochran’s new book, ‘Story Marketing for Christian Schools,’ provides the answer to those who market Christian schools. 

Ralph’s winsome book begins by framing the right questions  to ask. He covers his proven inbound marketing approach at both the philosophical and strategic level but also provides practical tools, including worksheets, to better empower ‘word-of-mouth marketing.”
Harold Naylor
Harold Naylor
President of Advance Christian
“Ralph’s work comes from many years of learning and  serving Christian schools. Early in the life of Schola, Ralph and I partnered to rejuvenate the marketing and admissions team at several schools. That was several years ago, and the process and coaching have improved since then. 

School marketing, like all good marketing, is both art and  science. The ‘art’ is the story that is told through a personal experience that is so engaging that it causes the hearer to lean in and say, ‘Wow, tell me more!’ My own story of Christian school is one that includes protection, nurture,  structure, and caring at a critical time in my children’s lives. The academics and all the other was ‘in there’ (thanks Ragu spaghetti sauce), but it was these other attributes that made me become a believer.

The ‘science’ is knowing how to capture these stories and  use them to start a genuine and deepening  conversation about what is best for the child and their growth into full- orbed disciples of Christ. We want lifelong learners, of  course, and we want the future adults to become instruments of grace in a world that desperately needs to see love in action and then to meet the Author of that Love.

Marry the powerful narrative with the ways that the next  generation wants to be informed and invited, and you have the makings of powerful and relevant marketing. Use this book to stimulate new thinking, lay down your old notions of ‘what works,’ and discover that selling and blessing are really not that different from each other.”
Don Carmichael
Don Carmichael
Founder & President of The Champion Group
"Having worked with hundreds of Christian schools throughout the U.S. and Canada over the past many years, one of the biggest common challenges they face is growing their student enrollments. Successful enrollment growth not only affects how well schools increase their missional impacts in their communities, but also their revenue and funding. More enrollment equals more money, which enables more resources and tools, which results in greater ministry impact.

Ralph Cochran is a true leader in helping Christian schools drive enrollment growth. Schola has adapted the most cutting-edge digital marketing strategies used by major companies in U.S. business to helping Christian schools drive their growth. If your school is looking for proven methods of enrollment growth – and all the benefits this growth can bring – I couldn't recommend Story Marketing for Christian Schools more enthusiastically!"
Steve Wallo
Steve Wallo
Director of Development & Athletics, C.S. Lewis Academy
“Ralph has done a great job of putting his successful  system into a readable and relatable format in this book. As a Schola client, I have led a team that has learned and implemented Ralph’s system for the past two years. We have now watched our school start to grow after years of declining enrollment.

I believe that many small Christian schools are looking for  the ‘easy’ button when it comes to enrollment management. I know we were. Everything was always on the table, from billboards to cable TV commercial to direct mailers. Our board believed if we could just come up with the right tool, we would be just fine. But we found there is no ‘easy’ button. The secret sauce is the combination of implementing strategies into a marketing plan that fits today’s consumer.

To be honest, most of what Ralph presented to us wasn’t  new. Our collective experience at our school was strong  enough for us to understand and have already thought about much of what Schola was proposing. The difference is the depth and systematic method of putting the strategies together. Through our data, we knew that word-of-mouth was critical for us. Yet, we weren’t doing any of the intentional implementation of word-of-mouth marketing that Schola directed us to do. We knew that social media marketing, starting with our website, was critical. However, we didn’t understand the importance of how this information was presented and just how to push it forward.

This is not a book about theory, this is a book about the  proven method to build and manage private Christian school enrollment with a ground-up, workable, and sustainable approach. 
You can read this book and go out on your own implementing Ralph’s method, and I believe that you would be successful. However, combine this knowledge with utilizing  the expertise of the Schola team, and it’s a guaranteed success."
Story Marketing For Christian Schools Has Already Helped Countless Christian Schools Around The Country!
If You're Sick And Tired Of Trying The Same Traditional Marketing Strategies That Never Seem To Work, Then Read These Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real Schools.

Will Your School Be Our Next Case Study?
"Schola has infused our Admissions Office with traffic, interest, and activity in the short amount of time we have been working with them. Our prospects have increased 500% from this time last year and we are seeing a strong, consistent increase in attendance at Admission events."

~ Keith Castello, Headmaster
Covenant Christian Academy
Colleyville, TX
"We are now into our second year of inbound marketing with Schola and enrollment is up 36% in one year, the budget has moved from a shortfall to an excess, and there is a buzz of excitement across the campus! The team at Schola helped us analyze our problem areas, train our staff on inbound marketing techniques, and strategize an implementation plan."
~ Amy Walker, Head of School
Heritage Oak School
Tehachapi, CA
As You Can See...
Story Marketing For Christian Schools Has Already Helped Countless Christian Schools Around The Country.
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Story Marketing For Christian Schools
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“Ralph recruited me as part of his team to found Stratford  Classical Christian Academy. We all brought great passion to the effort, especially Ralph. By the grace of God, we started the school, nurtured it, and grew it from 17 Students to over 120 Pre-K through 12th grade. I witnessed Ralph develop his marketing methodology and hone it into a success. The book clearly presents his proven methods.  Marketing success allowed us to build enrollment and concentrate on our vision of building a legacy of Christian leaders. I heartily recommend it to all  Christian school leaders.”

Jim Luchs
Board President | Stratford Classical  Christian Academy
“Ralph is ‘one of us’ in seeking to honor Christ in all things.  Thanks for taking the time to write this refreshing, practical,  and proven method to grow schools the ‘right way.’ Go! Fight! Win!”

Larry Stephenson
Superintendent | Logos and  Logos Online School
“I love the storytelling aspect of marketing. This past year,  we really promoted our school through WOM and nurtured our ‘storytellers.’ It  empowered our people to be bold and share our school with others.”

Kelly Blackman
Administrative Assistant |  Rockbridge Academy
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